Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cakes and Other Bakes

As you'll learn, I'm a huge supporter of anything my friends and family are involved in.  Two of my very best friends have started a bakery in St. Louis.  What's it called...none other than "Cakes and Other Bakes."  They clearly love what they are doing and you will not be disappointed in hiring them for all your baking needs.  I've had Laura and Beth make cakes for me in the past, and you would not believe the compliments that I've gotten on them.  They do a variety of different baked goods, including but not limited to cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.  

Their motto:  
Delight in the decidedly delicious and the distinctly delectable; Cakes and Other Bakes brings your sweetest imaginations to life with artistic confections that will excite your eyes, stimulate your senses, and thrill your taste buds.

Some of my favorites they've done:     

           Replica they made for me of Bella's birthday cake from, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon."


                                                        GO MIZZOU!!!

Spring Blossom Cupcakes

                                               Cupcake and Cookie Variety


                                                   How real do these look!

                                   I couldn't resist...GO MIZZOU, one more time!!!

Make sure to check them out at their website:

On Facebook:

Or, contact them at the phone numbers or email address listed below for more information.

Laura's Phone: 636-346-0864
Beth's Phone: 573-864-6112

Exciting things are happening with Cakes and Other won't want to miss out!!!

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