Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kansas City Fashion Week

Yes, another busy weekend ahead for me.  It's Kansas City Fashion Week!!!  

A Kick-off party, Magazine launch party, fashion shows, Model workshops, Photographer workshops, and Photoshoots, Oh my!

The weekend starts off with a Kick-off party and House of Style Magazine launch party at Martini Corner's Club Monaco on Friday, April 1st at 9pm.  Not only will this be a huge party, but a mini-fashion show as well.  Anyone and everyone should come out to support 2011 Kansas City Fashion Week.

Saturday is full of fun...beginning at 8am with a very informative Model Expo and a Photography Workshop by Marc Grant.  The Model Expo will have panels on topics such as:

  • Being Informed- Learn about all the different kinds of modeling opportunities out there.
  • Being Creative- Workshops by Make-up artists and hairstylist
  • Being Ready- Talent Agencies tell secrets on how to get jobs
  • Being Careful- Panel Discussion titled, "When Photographers Attack."  Talking about being careful with who shoot with and what types of modeling you do.

Saturday night...The huge, highly anticipated, "Leather and Lace Flair Fashion Show."  Doors open at 7pm, show starts 8pm.  Tickets are $20 at the door.  You won't want to miss this!  Over 80 models showcasing amazing fashion.


House of Style Productions presents the latest and greatest Portfolio building photoshoot: Hint, Hint...I'm House of Style's newest Posing Coach, and I will be at this shoot to help any models who are unsure in how to get started with posing!

Kansas City Fashion Week may not have been HUGE in the past, but with the team working on the new KCFW, I have no doubt it will be phenomenal for years to come! Come check it out for yourself!!

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