Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are Comp Cards?

You may or may not know, but I design them!  

What are they?
Composite cards...z cards....sed cards...they're all the same.  These are a great marketing strategy for models and actors.  They are used to show the latest and best of a model's portfolio and basically used as a large business card.  Comp cards should be taken with you to hand out at casting calls and auditions.  Models who are with an agency or doing freelance modeling can benefit greatly from Comp Cards.

A comp card typically has a cover with a full size portrait and a back with a selection of shots from your portfolio, your stats (height, weight or size, bust measurement, waist measurement, hip measurement, shoe size, hair color and eye color), and your contact information.  The industry standard size for a comp card is 8.5" x 5.5" and is traditionally printed on a heavy card stock

Typical Cost:
With modeling, everything can get so expensive to get your portfolio started.  Setting up portfolio building photoshoots, the clothes to wear in your photos, ways to market yourself...When I started with the agency and seriously needed to get a comp card made, I looked at several options.  Some designs were pretty plain and the website wanted to charge me upwards of $150 for 100 cards.  I knew that I could design something myself that looked better and was significantly cheaper.

Need Comp Cards?
Please let me know if you are interested in having a custom comp card designed for you.  Pricing depends on assignment and how intricate/time consuming the design is.  Pricing starts at just $25 per front/back design.

**Note:  I do not do printing.  There are many places to get your comp cards printed.  If you choose to have me do a design for you, I will give you the high resolution jpeg files and the photoshop files if you need them.    

There are many ways you can design your comp card, but here are a few examples of a couple that I've done:

I designed these two options for my friend, Grace:

Photo: Dan-Irabor Photography

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Dan-Irabor Photography, Anntastic2 Photography, JRP Photography, Mike Oliva, Ryan Heffron Photography

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