Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KC is not NYC or LA! Get over yourself!

I'm sure this has happened many times.  Someone in the Kansas City fashion industry thinks that their s*** doesn't stink, and has to go around bad mouthing other designers and all of the Kansas City fashion shows.

I have something to tell you:  If you don't like the way things are done here, then stop complaining about it and fix it.  You don't have to live here if you don't think the fashion scene is good enough for your work.  Putting everyone else down that calls KC home, just because you don't agree with their designs, is disgusting.  Why are people so malicious?  If you think you're too good for KC, then leave.  No one's stopping you.  Get over yourself!

When people start talking bad about other people in their own industry, they are only hurting themselves.  What do you think you are going to gain, by posting rude and inconsiderate comments on Facebook for everyone to see?  Do you think you're going to gain popularity in your own clothing line by bashing other designers?  I don't think so sir... Get over yourself!

I have met several amazing designers, right here in Kansas City, and I enjoy walking for them in local fashion shows.

Sometimes it is difficult for models because several fashion shows in KC are unpaid opportunities.  But I'm 28.  I'm not at the point in my life where I can pick up everything and move to NYC or LA to model.  I live in KC and I really do love the runway.  So, I volunteer my time to help out local designers and boutiques and do something that I absolutely love.  

Yes, I have participated in a couple fashion shows that were a little unorganized and sometimes unprofessional.  Now I know that those shows are not for me.  These shows may not have been what I would have done personally, or I didn't agree with the way it was set up.  One thing I would never do is speak poorly of the show itself or anyone involved with it.  It's rude.  Get over yourself!!  

There ARE some really great shows out there in KC that I have done, and they have fantastic designers.

Living in KC and having the opportunity to walk for a specific designer or  boutique, is very personal.  You often have the chance to work very closely with the designer, and maybe continue to walk for them in other shows.  I've even become great friends with some of the designers that I've walked for.  I'm quite 
sure that this doesn't happen a lot in NYC or LA.

So, I say...keep up the good work KC designers!  Let's show the haters out there what KC fashion really is!!

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