Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Pet Peeves of the Day

Okay, I try to not let many little things bother me, but sometimes I just don't understand people and venting is a good way to get rid of some frustration.  So, while I haven't used my blog for this purpose yet, I figured there is a first time for everything, so why not start now ;) 

Random Pet Peeves of the Day:

1.  Women who put mascara (or any makeup for that matter) on while driving.  Seriously- you can't wait until you get into your work parking lot to put that mascara on.  Only takes about 10 seconds.  I know, I put it on every morning. There is no reason for you to endanger the lives of other people, because you think you have to put mascara on, on the highway.  Is someone really important going to see you between the time that you leave your house and pull into the work parking lot, that it matters if you don't have makeup on?  THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO!

2.  People who go to the gym to mingle.  Do you find it necessary to start up lengthy conversations,  when all I really want to do is finish my workout and get home.  I don't mind talking to people for a few minutes, but we all know those people who seem to go to the gym to socialize and not work out.  Sorry, guys, that's not me.

3.  Speaking of the gym, guys who wear sunglasses on their head while they workout, jeans to workout in, flip flops even.  Yes, I've seen all of these at my gym...I've even seen a high school kid in a long sleeved button up shirt and slacks, running on the treadmill.  Really???  Why do you feel the need to wear the sunglasses on your head?  Is it sunny in here?  How is working out in jeans comfortable?  What would you do if you dropped a weight on your bare foot?  Seriously people, come on!!!
Yes, that's Britney Spears...

4.  When I eat really well, and end up losing no weight or gaining weight, but when I eat a fried chimichanga for Cinco de Mayo, I actually lose a pound.  Explain to me how that works, cause it's not making any sense!

5.  Work...enough said.  I won't go into any details with my frustrations on this  subject ;)  Who doesn't get frustrated with their job at times?

6.  People who don't do anything and get rewarded, when you do all the work for them.  Just sayin...and better yet, people who get paid a lot of money for the work they don't do.  

7.  Why does it seem like lately most of the great weather days are days that I'm at work all day?  Why can't we have this weather on the weekends, when I'm not at work???  

8.  Poking on Facebook.  What is the point?  

9.  Friend requests on Facebook.  If you want to be my friend, then at least send me a message telling me how you know me.  I will not accept you if I or some of my close friends do not know you.  There are far too many creeps out there and I don't want random people knowing any of my information.

10.  Sales reps that live in Kansas City and instead of coming to update our library themselves, without asking us first, decide to just send all the books to our office, for us to put away ourselves.  I can't promise you that your stuff will get put in the correct place or even seen.  If you want us to use your product, then you probably should make an effort to make sure our library is up to date.  I understand, if our out of town reps need to send things every once and a while, or if there are a couple times when you were just here and you have to send us something that you didn't have problem, but when it's a constant thing, then we don't feel like we should have to update your binders for you.  Thank you.

Thanks for reading about all my frustrations of the day.  I already feel better ;)

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