Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of those days...

Or better yet, it's been one of those weeks... 

I had a project to get out and of course things were thrown at me at the last minute that I wasn't expecting.  Now, if you know me at all, you would know that I'm pretty organized and don't like waiting until the last minute to get things done.  I hate procrastinating. But for some reason, that's the way things work in the architecture world...

Now that I finally got my project out the door (until more changes need to be made), I can take a breath.  At least it's almost Friday, right?

Surprisingly, I don't have any modeling stuff going on this weekend...which will be a nice break and give me plenty of time to get ready and pack for my trip to Napa and San Francisco next week!!!

Can't wait for this trip!!  I've been planning it for so long, and now it's finally almost here!  I love San Francisco, and it will be great visiting again :)  It's probably my favorite place I've visited in California, and I've been to LA and San Diego.

Next week is already filling up fast with things to do before we leave.  Benefit for Boobies: It's a Mammogram-o-rama is next Thursday and I'm so excited to be walking for my girl Jamie Santomasso for Baby Maracas!  Not to mention that Layne Haley has planned the show, so I just know it's gonna be fantastic!

I'm sure I'll post again before my trip, but be on the look out for a detailed trip report with photos when I return from foggy San Francisco ;)

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